Hampton Roads, ABA

Provides Applied Behavior Analysis and Therapy

(ABA Therapy) 

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About Us

Hampton Roads ABA is highly dedicated to providing the most superior, effective, and high-quality ABA services for you. For two decades, we have been working with children and young adults diagnosed with Autism Spectrum. Working with children is not just a career path: it is a passion that has evolved in us for years; therefore, we never stop researching ABA or other issues related to it. Our Verbal Behavior expertise has helped us correctly analyze behavior and treatment plans that are socially significant for our clients and help support and improve language development.


Hampton Roads ABA i s highly committed to providing your child with unlimited attention, care, and time to reach their maximum potential and beyond in life. Besides, we care about your finances, so we work closely with the local insurance providers to obtain the maximum amount of ABA hours available for the highest success and recovery impact. We are also passionate about training our clients on offering the best and essential support for their children in their development. We will prepare you to have efficient and practical tools to deal with complex behaviors and use positive reinforcement to train your child in new skills.  

About Us

Elena Ali, Ms. Sped ABA, BCBA, LBA-VA/MD

Elena has been working with children and young adults diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum for 20 years.  Her love of working with children evolved into the desire to obtain her Masters in Special Education and Applied Behavior Analysis after getting her Bachelors of Arts at University of California-LA (UCLA). She received her BCBA from the Behavioral Analysts Certification Board (BACB™).

Her study of Verbal Behavior has led her to be able to analyze behavior and develop treatment plans that are socially significant for the client and help to support and enhance language development for children with special needs.

Monica Orta, M.Ed, ABA, BCBA, LBA-VA

Monica has been working with children and young adults diagnosed on the autism spectrum for 20 years as well both in school, clinic and in-home. She brings compassion, joy and her amazing play skills to every kid she meets! 

What is ABA?

Advanced Behavior Analysis (ABA) is an evidence-founded concept to transform socially essential behavior. It is supported by more than seventy years of research with seminal research by BF Skinner to its contemporary researchers, including Todd Wolf and Donald Baer.

Five steps we take in ABA

We ensure to run a comprehensive analysis before offering our clients our services to avoid ending up with the wrong assessment. Therefore, we follow the following five steps:

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Step 1:

Defining and Prioritizing Behavior...

For us to analyze the behaviors, it is vital to know what behaviors we are attempting to change.

Step 2:

Gather Information... 

This is a vital step in the process; the accuracy of the information gathered determines whether our behavior support plan can be efficient.

Step 3: 

Develop Hypothesis... 

This is the perfect time to begin developing ideas regarding the impacts of challenging behavior.

Step 4: 

Develop a Behavioral Support Plan... 

Functional analysis is meaningful to us; it directs us to create a behavioral support plan that transforms the behavior.

Step 5: 

Implementation and


This is the final step of the assessment; this is when we confirm the accuracy of our analysis.